Mana was founded in New York in 2019 by Andrew Britt, an affable New Zealander who has been involved with rugby for over 30 years.  Mana provides uniforms, training, leisurewear and equipment to local and national sports teams ranging from clubs, high schools and colleges through to professional teams.

Britt grew up with the good old Kiwi values of respect, integrity, honor, and humbleness, beautifully described in the Māori word mana.

As someone who has lived and worked around the globe, Britt recognizes how the culture and values of rugby provided him with a family of like-minded people around the world.  “The great thing about rugby, or any sport for that matter, is the lifelong friendships and camaraderie that come out of sharing a common passion.  It’s amazing when a lawyer, plumber, banker and drain layer can all pull on the same team jersey and compete alongside each other, striving towards a common goal”, says Britt.

Mana is the fastest growing rugby brand in the US, and when asked where Mana can go, Britt said: “The sky’s the limit. I envision a world in which sport is a vehicle for respect, inclusion, friendship and empowerment and our brand is at the center of that.


Mana is Respectful

Mana respects its customers, their time, and their needs. Mana respects its vendors’ needs to ensure all working relationships are balanced. Mana respects its team by providing equitable pay rates and a comfortable work environment.

Mana is Authentic

Mana stays true to its authentic self and does not pretend to be something it’s not. Mana believes the actions of the company represent its values.

Mana is Serious, Not Pretentious

Mana is a serious player in the sports apparel and equipment industry. Mana has clear and ambitious goals, fueled by a competitive spirit, however never wants to lose the grassroots connections that make the brand approachable.

Mana is Honorable

Mana takes accountability for its actions and believes honorable behavior builds trust. Mana will always do the right thing. If something goes wrong, Mana owns it, preferring solutions over excuses.

Mana is Powerful

Mana is a powerful and confident brand. It does not apologize for this and empowers its customers, vendors and staff to embody the same energy. Mana will always push the envelope in its pursuit of excellence – staying hungry, staying humble.

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