Mana Double Wedge Pro Plus


Mana Double Wedge Pro Plus

Product description

The Double Wedge Pro Plus Hit Shield is a top and bottom wedge design that gives coaches more options and players greater protection when replicating contact area situations at practice.  The shield features a lip at the top to force players to lower their point of contact, while allowing them the option to drive up on their target after contact has been made. 

Our PRO PLUS model is a super-sized version of our PRO model so great for physical clean-out drills and heavy hitting.


- 37" high
- 16" wide
- 12" deep
- Side and back handles
- Made from UV protected, anti-mildew PVC
- Box stitching and nylon webbed handles add strength and durability
- High tensile foam inner make it both comfortable to hit and absorb impact

The Pro is perfect for all level of players, particularly adult and professional teams.  Suitable for all contact sports such as rugby and American football

Comes with our 90-day warranty

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